My name is Mark Wallenwein, I am a race car driver and the "Deutscher Rallye Meister". I was born on April 16, 1987 in Stuttgart, Germany. With over 20 podium finishes and numerous victories in the "Deutsche Rallye Meisterschaft", I am considered one of the best rallye drivers in Germany. I have a wealth of experience in the racing industry as an exclusive driver for "Skoda Auto Deutschland" and also as a former member of the "ADAC StiftungSport" team. My father and I started a Swabian motorsport company, headquartered in Stuttgart. We supervise clients in national and international racing as well as rallying.



Wallenwein stands for over 40 years of racing. Therefore, it is no surprise that I got involved in racing. Like my grandfather Kurt, my father Thomas, my brother Sanrdo and my sister Eve, racing drives me. It is not only a family business, rallye and racing determine my live.


Everybody has something that drives them – in the best case something with 4WD and about 300 horsepower! But that is not my only motivation. Reaching and outperforming my own goals, controlling and exceeding new limits and achieving successes motivates me.


The only thing you can change is your own attitude. But your attitude can influence others. Rallye racing is spectacular and I am always happy to help my clients achieve their goals and win. I am really passionate about racing and love to compete. I pass my know how to my customers, lead them to surpass obstacles and cross the finish line.

Race Series

Mark Wallenwein has been racing since 1996, when he was 9 years old. Throughout his career he has raced in numerous events and rallies and has placed in many races. In 2012, Mark was "Deutscher Rallye Meister" and is competing in the 2016 events.

Since 2006, ADAC has been organising the ADAC Rallye Masters motorsport series. Starting in 2014, ADAC has been promoting Deutsche Rallye Meisterschaft (hereinafter referred to as DRM) and hosting DRM events at ADAC Rallye Masters meets.
In the 2016 season, ADAC will organise/call for entries to 10 ADAC Rallye Masters and DRM meets/events. 5 meets will take place in the first half of the year, with the second 5 meetings in the second half of the year. The four best results of the events in the first half year and in the second half year shall count. Drivers will be competing for the titles below:

- Winner of the 2016 ADAC Rallye Masters

- Divisional Winner of the 2016 ADAC Rallye Masters

- 2016 German Rallye Champion

- 2016 Winner of the German Rallye Championship

- 2WD classification

The DRM classification is supervised by DMSB. Points will be awarded to the vehicles entered in the DRM in the overall classification and the 2WD classification.



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